Savage: Iran Deal Bad Because of Obama’s Demonic Eyes

Savage: Iran Deal Bad Because of Obama’s Demonic Eyes July 20, 2015

Michael Savage apparently wants to make sure that his turf as the most bassackwards radio show host in the right wing fever swamps isn’t taken by Rick Wiles and Kevin Swanson. Speaking about the Iran deal, he implied that it’s wrong because Obama has “demonic eyes.”

Savage compared Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s useless “peace treaty” with Hitler. He also questioned the way even some of the president’s critics were reporting the story, saying they weren’t going far enough: “I’m not so sure that he’s caved to Iran, as some people are saying today. Is it that Obama ‘caved’ or that he’s finally completed Iran’s plan, because he is their ‘Manchurian candidate.’”

Savage added, “When I look at Obama when he speaks, I see demonic eyes staring back at me.”

Wait, a right wing radio talk show host compared the deal to Neville Chamberlain? How incredibly fresh and novel. Tell me, has there been a single diplomatic deal or treaty since 1945 that the right wing has not compared to Neville Chamberlain?

Meanwhile, Savage saw further evidence of America’s decline in the announcement by the Secretary of Defence that the U.S. military would review its ban on transgendered soldiers.

“That’s just what we need in the war against ISIS, isn’t it?” asked Savage sarcastically. “Sure, the military used to be about fighting, but that’s not true any more. Under Obama, the military is about social engineering. It doesn’t matter if they can drive a tank or a ship or fly a plane. It doesn’t matter if they can fire a gun. It matters how they look in high heels and stockings.”

Right. Like the Navy SEAL who is a trans woman. Wouldn’t you love to see Savage express that opinion to her face? She served honorably in the most elite commando unit in the world. See, when conservatives say they support the troops, they mean only the straight, white, Christian ones.

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