Trump Now Tripling Down on McCain Attacks

Trump Now Tripling Down on McCain Attacks July 21, 2015

Donald Trump isn’t just doubling down on his vile comments about John McCain, he’s tripling down on them. Now he’s written an op-ed piece in USA Today blasting the other Republican candidates who have criticized them, saying that he doesn’t need to be lectured by a bunch of “failed politicians.”

A number of my competitors for the Republican nomination have no business running for president. I do not need to be lectured by any of them. Many are failed politicians or people who would be unable to succeed in the private sector.

I especially like the claim about his opponents being “failed politicians.” The only thing he could mean by that is that a few of them have lost elections (Huckabee and Santorum, for instance). Imagine Donald Trump running in the Republican primary in 1860 — “I don’t need to be lectured by Abraham Lincoln, who is such a loser that he couldn’t even get elected to the Senate in 1854 or 1858 and couldn’t win the vice presidency in 1856.”

He called McCain a “loser” because his plane got shot down over Hanoi while on a bombing run, which makes everyone who ever got captured during war a “loser” as well. Someone said on Twitter the other day that Donald Trump is like if a comments section ran for president, which is a brilliant line and absolutely true. We’ve really never seen anything quite like this in a major presidential campaign.

It is incredibly fascinating to me to watch Donald Trump campaign, in the same way that it’s fascinating to people watch while some douchebag with too much cologne (think Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin as the two wild and crazy guys from 1970s SNL) tries to pick up every woman in a bar in succession. I stare at him while thinking “Does he really not realize that everyone in here is watching his pathetic behavior and thinks he’s an asshole?” He’s absolutely oblivious, but unlike the cologne-wearing douchebag in a bar, he’s a celebrity and he’s rich. And that means he has fans who will cheer on anything he does, no matter how appalling or stupid it is. And he’s such a raging narcissist that he’s able to convince himself that everyone loves him. And his claims in this op-ed are just so incredibly stupid:

During my entire business career, I have always made supporting veterans a top priority because our heroes deserve the very best for defending our freedom. Our Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals are outdated dumps. I will build the finest and most modern veterans hospitals in the world. The current medical assistance to our veterans is a disaster. A Trump administration will provide the finest universal access health care for our veterans. They will be able to get the best care anytime and anywhere.

He acts as if as president he can just do anything he wants, as if he’ll be a dictator. “I’m going to build a wall on the Mexican border.” Really? Because conservatives have been demanding that for a long time, but you can’t just snap your fingers and make it happen, you actually have to pass a law to do it and that requires getting Congress on board. The same is true of building more VA hospitals and increasing funding for the VA, it has to go through Congress. Obama has been trying to do that for years, with very little to show for it. Trump apparently thinks he can make Congress do whatever he wants by threatening to call them losers if they don’t. Good luck with that strategy.

We’ve just never seen anyone like this run for president before. Anyone who thinks they should be president has a huge ego, that’s a given. But we’ve never seen anyone quite this narcissistic or megalomaniacal before. We’ve never seen anyone who treats political debates like a playground flame-fest or an internet chat room. He’s done everything but resort to “your mother wears combat boots” and “I’m rubber and you’re glue.” It’s really quite amazing — and appalling — to watch.

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