Gohmert: God Gets Glory If We Stop Iran Deal

Gohmert: God Gets Glory If We Stop Iran Deal July 22, 2015

Louis Gohmert, the dumbest man in Congress, joined Christian right televangelist con man John Hagee at the Christians United for Israel summit over the weekend and said that the Iran deal imperils Israel and that if they manage to stop it, God should get all the glory.

“We have made it next to impossible to stop this Iranian deal,” the Texas Republican said, “so if it gets stopped, as it should, God needs to get the glory and praise. And everybody that’s here with Citizens United for Israel [sic] will be the hands and feet to make that happen.”

“This is a horrible bill,” Gohmert continued, “and I know a lot of people think the United States is the sole superpower, we’re going to be here forever, but you know no country lasts forever. We have betrayed Israel so often … We have betrayed Israel over and over and we’re in trouble for that.”

Okay, so if you don’t stop the deal, then either God gets the blame or that means God disagrees with you and realizes that the deal actually makes Israel safer, right? No? Funny how that works, isn’t it?

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