Tomczak’s Apocalyptic Fantasies Based on Lies

Tomczak’s Apocalyptic Fantasies Based on Lies July 22, 2015

Larry Tomczak, like most Christian righters, is something of a hysteric. In his latest column for Charisma News, he offers five “chilling developments” since the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling that herald the coming of the end times. They’re mostly based on lies and exaggerations.

Consider these five major “signs of the times” unfolding these past few weeks. They’re not insignificant—they’re apocalyptic. These are seismic shifts. Are you heeding what’s happening?

Remember, the United States Supreme Court institutionalized homosexual “marriage” as the law of the land, wiping out millennia of history, opening the floodgates for radical reconfigurations of “marriage,” removal of benefits for Christian institutions, plus accelerating the erosion of religious freedoms. This represents a day of infamy for America. Since then …

1. Planned Parenthood Harvests Organs and Little Sisters of the Poor Defeated

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s No. 1 abortion provider, was caught in an undercover sting exposing one of their top leaders casually elaborating on harvesting human organs from aborted babies while sipping wine and eating her lunch. This barbarism comes at the same time the Obama administration wins in court crushing faith and forcing the 175-year-old Little Sisters of the Poor to participate in providing contraceptives against their religious convictions. The leader of the nuns, Sr. Loraine Marie Maguire, said, “We simply cannot choose between our care for the elderly poor and our faith.” Unbelievable, this hijacking of these dedicated servants of humanity.

Both claims are false. The only thing that the dishonestly edited video of the Planned Parenthood official showed was that they allow patients to donate fetal tissue for medical research, which is perfectly legal and ethical. As for the Little Sisters of the Poor, what happened there was the exact opposite of what Tomczak says. They are explicitly exempted from the contraception mandate so they don’t have to participate in it. Their bizarre argument is that giving them the exemption somehow violates their rights. They rightly lost in court, just as other religious non-profits making the same absurd argument have lost in other circuits.

2. Israel Abandoned and Middle East Nuclear Race Launched

President Obama announced his gamble, a diplomatic debacle with Iran which many astute observers see as a Neville Chamberlain “peace in our time” deception. It is literally a death sentence for Israel whom we have abandoned. We ended the sanctions; handed them $140 billion; required no “anytime” inspections or restrictions on their sponsorship of terrorism; no dismantling of their nuclear program; no provision to release American Pastor Saeed Abedini from a torturous prison; and, all this while Iranian people danced in the streets as they and their leaders continue chanting “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!”

Again, his claims are the exact opposite of reality. The Iran agreement is an astonishingly strong one, far stronger than anyone could have predicted under the circumstances, and it makes Israel safer. It also will help avoid a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. And no, we did not “hand them $140 billion.” We agreed, along with several other countries, to gradually lift the sanctions in three stages as their compliance with the agreement is confirmed.

And the Iranian people danced in the streets not to express their hatred of the United States but to celebrate two things: The gradual ending of the sanctions that have caused economic havoc in that country and the victory of reformers in the government. It’s the Iranian hardliners, particularly the Muslim extremist ones, who opposed the deal and this was a huge loss for them. That’s what the Iranian people were celebrating — again, the exact opposite of what Tomczak thinks it means.

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