Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham’s Cell Phone Number

Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham’s Cell Phone Number July 22, 2015

The bizarre, juvenile trainwreck that is Donald Trump’s presidential campaign just keeps getting more and more like the comments section on a right-wing website. He gave a speech in South Carolina in which he gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham’s real cell phone number to the crowd because…well who the fuck knows why?

After Graham called Trump a “jackass” on Monday for insulting Sen. John McCain’s war record, Trump appeared at an event in Bluffton on Tuesday and almost immediately told the crowd that their senator was a “stiff” and an “idiot.”

CBS News also confirmed that a cell phone number that Trump gave out on stage during the event belonged to Sen. Graham.

“Maybe the whole world has that number already,” Trump spokesperson Michael Cohen later explained to CNN. “He is certainly their representative and they have every right to reach out to him.”

We’ve just never seen anything like this before in a presidential campaign. He’s like a petulant teenager engaging in childish slap fights for no reason. And it just keeps getting more and more bizarre. Nate Silver recently called him the most successful troll, but is that really what he is? Yes, he says outrageous things to get attention, as trolls do, but they generally do it specifically for that purpose. They’re aware of it and it’s totally disingenuous. I don’t think Trump has that kind of capacity for self-awareness. I think this is just who he is and that he thinks it’s going to be successful.

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