Corsi and Alex Jones, Together at Last

Corsi and Alex Jones, Together at Last July 23, 2015

Jerome Corsi, founder of the Swift Boat Veterans for “Truth” and columnist for the Worldnetdaily, was a guest on the Alex Jones show last week and explained that both President Obama and Hillary Clinton are gay Muslim Brotherhood agents. Because you know how much the Muslim Brotherhood just loves gay people.

WorldNetDaily reporter Jerome Corsi, who thinks President Obama is secretly married to his male, Pakistani roommate and wears an Islamic wedding ring, appeared on “InfoWars” last week to allege that Hillary Clinton is also secretly in a relationship with her aide Huma Abedin.

Corsi told host and fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that Clinton and Abedin are not only lovers, but also secret agents of the Muslim Brotherhood. Along with Obama, whom he says “has been Muslim Brotherhood from the beginning,” Corsi claims that the administration engineered the 2012 Benghazi attack and are working to arm Al Qaeda.

Those dastardly Muslim terrorists. They go around killing gay people so we’ll think they really hate them, but that’s just a cover for the fact that they employ gay secret agents to do their bidding and are so powerful that they can actually get them elected president of the United States (never mind that the Muslim Brotherhood can’t even elect a president in their own country of Egypt anymore). And they would have gotten away with it too, but Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi are just too damn clever for them.

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