Wait, They’re Still Building Conspiracy Theories Around ACORN?

Wait, They’re Still Building Conspiracy Theories Around ACORN? July 23, 2015

ACORN has not existed in many years, but that trifling little fact has not stopped the wingnuts from continuing to use them as a central boogeyman in all of their dark conspiracy fantasies. Wayne Allyn Root, former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, shows how it’s done:

Root speculated that Obama threatened to launch a Justice Department investigation into the Clinton Foundation if the former secretary of state refused to endorse the Iran deal, but told her that “if you go along with this, I’ll help you steal the election like I did in 2012. I’ll get my old pals from ACORN back together again, the old gang is back, and we will steal states with weak voter ID laws, we’ll have illegal aliens voting, we’ll figure out ways to stuff the ballot box in inner cities so that more people vote than are registered to vote in that district. We will figure out a way to steal you the election the same way we stole it for me. But if you go against me, you’re done.”

Malone later stated that “how any liberal Jew out there in Hollywood could support the President or Hillary Clinton at this point is beyond me,” and hoped that they realize that “the Democratic Party is the party against the Holy Land.”

I know I sound like a broken record, but I don’t suppose you have any actual evidence for this, do you Mr. Root? No? How surprising. Using that standard, I could just as easily say that last week you sodomized a gopher — and if you don’t need any evidence, neither would I. Isn’t it funny how you can just make shit up and have people listen to you?

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