Wingnut: God Punishes Gay People With AIDS

Wingnut: God Punishes Gay People With AIDS July 23, 2015

Sylvia Thompson is something of a bigot’s bigot, which is why she’s writing columns for BarbWire. In her latest column, we learn several things: First, gays are nothing like blacks because God really hates gays. Second, God is punishing gay people with AIDS. Third, that Christians who don’t hate gays enough will be punished.

Whatever the depraved state of homosexual activists and whatever the satanic hold they may have on the legal system in this country, believing Christians must answer to God whenever Caesar runs amok.

It does not matter what the consequences may be, even if those consequences are imprisonment or death, or both. In the ultimate end, when God intervenes, the Christian who follows His dictates will be vindicated. The stubbornly unrepentant will eventually be destroyed, regardless of what weak-willed and apostate professed Christian leaders tell them.

Therefore, a comparison of the civil rights of people who are immutably black to homosexuals who choose their behavior is a bogus comparison. I am certain the homosexual movement is well aware of that fact. Disingenuousness and lying, after all, are its primary hallmarks.

As I have said before, this issue has nothing to do with civil rights. It is all about a small, tyrannical segment of our rotting culture that has foolishly taken issue with Almighty God. They will sorely regret that choice in due time, if they are not already regretting it.

The rampant disease, both medical and mental, permeating the homosexual and other deviant populations is staggering for such a small portion of society. It should be clear evidence that those who embrace deviant sexual sin are way off base. But apparently not; it may take something even more drastic than dying in droves to open eyes and hearts.

A few obvious answers come to mind. If the Bible is to be believed, God hates “fornicators” and women who aren’t virgins on their wedding day as much as he hates gay people, so why isn’t he punishing those people with “rampant” diseases too? And if that were really true, why have we seen the rate of transmission drop enormously and the use of retrovirals render HIV an entirely livable disease? Is it that easy to thwart God’s will? And lastly, why does God seem to hate gay men so much more than gay women, who have the lowest incidence of HIV infection and other STDs of all groups, including heterosexuals?

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