Zieve: Obama to Commit ‘Luciferian Slaughter’ of Whites

Zieve: Obama to Commit ‘Luciferian Slaughter’ of Whites July 23, 2015

Sher Zieve, whose views are utterly deranged even compared to other wingnuts, has an absolutely hysterical column at BarbWire claiming that Obama doesn’t care about white people at all and is going to commit a “Luciferian” slaughter of whites as part of his planned race war.

Someone had to say it plainly: to the Obama Administration white lives don’t matter.

At the highest levels of the US government, minority criminals who caused their own deaths via their own actions are extolled over and over again while Obama representatives attend one funeral after another and Obama publicly and often offers his “condolences” to the families…

So, illegals crossing our Southern border—which Obama has demanded not be stopped by the US Border Patrol—come to the USA to murder those they cannot in Mexico…especially and apparently murders of young white women whom Obama will simply and loudly-with-his -ongoing-silence ignore.

For any of you who happen to be white, you’re in deep trouble and it’s getting worse. Obama has placed minorities in a special class and whites with targets on their backs.

As I’ve written before, Obama and his syndicate are working overtime to begin a race war. He will have it or begin his personal genocide of…guess who? As usual, we’ll be forced to fight for our lives or accept our slaughter by the hands of a Luciferian tyrant. And I suspect, tragically, that all too many are ready to die.

Oh yeah, as usual. Because if history teaches us anything, it’s that white Americans are always being slaughtered and oppressed by black people. I think my eyes just rolled right out of the state. If someone sees them, please mail them back to me.

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