Ask Trump About Policy. Go Ahead.

Ask Trump About Policy. Go Ahead. July 24, 2015

One of the amusing things about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is that when you ask him about specific policies, he either has grandiose claims of what he would do that he can’t do on his own (build a wall on Mexican border, void trade deals) or, even better, he just tells you how great he is.

Trump continued this message on Loesch’s show, once again arguing that his much-maligned comment was “absolutely perfect” while criticizing McCain for supposedly failing veterans.

Eventually, Loesch repeatedly asked the GOP presidential frontrunner “what would Donald Trump do in a Trump administration to improve” the Veterans Affairs system.

Rather than offer specifics, Trump simply boasted about his experience in business management — “I managed a great company, I built a great company” — and criticized U.S. trade relations with China, Japan and Mexico. He also bragged about the simple fact that he is a candidate for president.

That’s his answer to everything: I’m rich! I’m powerful! I’ll fix it, you don’t need to know how! Wrong answer, Donald.

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