Savage Vows to ‘Fight to the Death’ Over Imagined Plan

Savage Vows to ‘Fight to the Death’ Over Imagined Plan July 24, 2015

If there’s one thing the right wing is good at, it’s pseudo-macho vows to fight and die in the face of imagined persecution or conspiracies that don’t actually exist. Michael Savage demonstrates this in fantasizing that Obama is going to implement reparations for slavery next year.

“I would fight to my death before I pay one dime in reparations and I would go to jail before I would pay one cent in reparations,” Savage said. “That would be the last straw for me, if they ever try to pull that one off, I would lead a reparations rebellion in this country. No matter what my age would be, if I had the strength from God, I would lead a reparations rebellion against the government and it would be an armed rebellion.”

Savage continued: “I would lead an armed rebellion against the government if they try to push that one down my throat after ripping off my life with affirmative action and welfare, I’m sick of it! And this gangster keeps getting away with it, this criminal in the White House, day in and day out, one lie after another, imperious, arrogant, hostile, aimed only at the white middle class. Look at his policies and tell me who he’s going after. Open your eyes, you idiots!”

Every day, Savage sounds more and more like a KKK leader, doesn’t he? And so brave. So very brave.

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