Wingnut: ‘Blow Up’ Disney Channel Over ‘Illuminati Propaganda’

Wingnut: ‘Blow Up’ Disney Channel Over ‘Illuminati Propaganda’ July 24, 2015

A.J. Castellitto, a freelance wingnut who has been published in some of the dark, sad corners of the right wing blogosphere, has a column at BarbWire demanding that the Disney Channel be “killed” and “burned down” because it’s destroying our children through “Illuminati propaganda.”

Kill the Disney Channel.

Blow up the Illuminati Propaganda being fed to the young and impressionable. Mind seducing cartoons like Gravity Falls, which provides a light-hearted portrayal of “summoning” and is loaded with a plethora of Illuminati-style symbolism: owls, floating eye balls, pyramids, masonic stained glass and Fez hats, is seemingly all the rage these days.

What on earth is happening? This is some sick repugnant ‘you know what’ being produced and mass distributed by a network devoted to children’s programming. Is there anything we will we not tolerate in our day?

The minds, hearts and souls of our children are on the line. When is enough… enough?!?

Wait, I have an answer: When you turn the channel. Voila, the demons can’t get you anymore!

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