Barton: Churches Will Now be Forced to Hire Pedophiles for Day Care

Barton: Churches Will Now be Forced to Hire Pedophiles for Day Care July 25, 2015

David Barton took a break from lying about American history for a few moments so he could lie about current events instead. On a radio show, he claimed that the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning bans on same-sex marriage means that churches must now hire pedophiles to run their day care centers.

“The Supreme Court said gender cannot be used as a basis of why you do things,” Barton said, “what you use is sexual identity. At this point, there are 82 distinct sexual identities … so whatever I identify myself as this morning, you now have legal standing for that. So what you’ve seen is, we used to have bathrooms based on gender, but you can’t identify gender so now you have to do no genders. So we’ve already seen in Utah that a number of guys have signed up and moved into the girl’s dorms and you can’t stop that because you can’t base it on gender any more. Well, guess what that’s going to mean for sports teams, guess what that’s going to mean for bathrooms all across the country, guess what that’s going to mean for all sorts of stuff.”

“And then, Congress has passed what’s called ENDA, Employment Non-Discrimination Act,” he continued, “passed this in ’06 under [Nancy] Pelosi and [Harry] Reid and at that point in time, it says you cannot discriminate on the basis of hiring. As a result, the president has now announced that faith based groups have to hire homosexuals; not an option, you have to because federal law says you cannot discriminate on the basis of identity. So if a pedophile comes to the church and says, ‘I want to run your nursery,’ you can’t say no because that’s discriminating on the basis of identity. If a homosexual comes and says, ‘I want to be your youth director’ and you say no, you can’t do that, you can’t distinguish on the basis of gender.”

This is the mother of all bullshit. Every single thing he said is a lie. First of all, the ENDA did not pass and is not law. Sexual orientation is not a banned basis for discrimination at the federal level and never has been. And no, pedophilia is not a sexual orientation in this context, nor could it ever be. And even if it was, the notion that one would be forced to hire a pedophile to watch children is so ludicrous that one wonders how his pants did not literally catch on fire when he said it. Virtually everything Barton says is a lie.

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