Zmirak: Obama Wants to Close Down Black Churches

Zmirak: Obama Wants to Close Down Black Churches July 25, 2015

John Zmirak, who runs televangelist con man James Robison’s The Stream website (think BarbWire for even dumber people), went on a radio show and made the bizarre claim that Obama is going to shut down black churches if they don’t perform same-sex marriages. And all churches, for that matter.

Zmirak managed to tie together two false right-wing memes, claiming that the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision will cause churches to lose their tax-exempt status (it won’t) and that Planned Parenthood is selling “babies’ brains and livers for profit” (it isn’t).

“Let’s keep in mind that the Obama administration is talking about taking away the tax exemption of churches that won’t perform same-sex marriages, but they’re going to keep a tax exemption for an organization that sells babies’ brains and livers for profit,” he said. “Wrap your mind about that one and then think of Barack Obama singing ‘Amazing Grace’ with a straight face in Christian church.”

“By the way, the church where he sang will lose its tax exemption and probably have to close,” he continued. “That black church where there was that horrible shooting in Charleston, they don’t do same-sex marriages. So Obama, even though he sang there, his people are getting ready to padlock the place but they won’t padlock the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. That’s the kind of bizarre world we live in.”

No, we live in a bizarre world because people like you can spread lies like this and get cheered on wildly by ignorant people who are desperate to feel persecuted (but not to actually be persecuted, of course).

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