Trump Picks Up Crucial Dennis Rodman Endorsement

Trump Picks Up Crucial Dennis Rodman Endorsement July 26, 2015

I thought it was huge during the 2012 election when Gary Busey endorsed Newt Gingrich for president and when Dave Mustaine came out in favor of Rick Santorum. But Donald Trump has picked up the greatest endorsement ever, from NBA hall of famer Dennis Rodman.

If Trump does get elected, that would make two world leaders that Dennis Rodman fawns over — Trump and Kim Jung-Un of North Korea. This seems appropriate. The two of them have a lot in common, most obviously their penchant for vastly overstating their accomplishments while everyone around them tries not to roll their eyes lest Dear Leader has them put to death. Trump, of course, is happy about the endorsement:

It goes without saying that if Trump had played in the NBA, he would have been the greatest and classiest basketball player in the history of the world. And his shoes would have been gold-plated (not actually gold, mind you, just gold-plated to give the illusion of great value, just like Trump).

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