Jindal Gets Duck Dynasty Star’s Endorsement

Jindal Gets Duck Dynasty Star’s Endorsement July 27, 2015

The battle for “celebrity” endorsements in the Republican presidential race is off and running and Bobby Jindal, hovering around 1% in most of the polls, has picked up the coveted endorsement of one of the Duck Dynasty dolts. I’m particularly amused by how the guy says virtually nothing in his endorsement:

Willie Robertson, CEO of the company Duck Commander and star of the family-friendly “Duck Dynasty” reality show on A&E has made his pick for president and it’s – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

“Bobby’s such a great man,” Robertson said, during a sit-down interview on the set of “Fox & Friends” on Friday. “He’s a Christian guy … he always shows up.”

When asked if he endorses Jindal for president, Robertson said, “I do.”

He went on: “I like what he stands for. Bobby’s the best that I know.”

He didn’t actually say anything there, did he? He didn’t talk about policies he supports or stances he takes on issues, just vague “he’s a great guy.” And what the hell does “he always shows up” mean? Always shows up with the check for your show, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars every year?

On Donald Trump, he said he didn’t agree with everything the billionaire said – including the presidential contender’s remarks about Sen. John McCain’s war-hero status – but he generally liked how he was saying it.

“It’s like the wild, wild west out there,” he said, speaking of Trump’s visit to the border. “Trump’s laying it out there. … That’s what I like about it. … When he dropped the cell phone number [of Lindsey Graham] that’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Anyone have this guy’s cell number? I bet he wouldn’t be so fond of it if it happened to him.

This is just what Jindal needs to give his campaign a boost from 1% to maybe 1.5%. And if he can get the endorsement of Dog the Bounty Hunter or one of the teen moms from MTv, the sky’s the limit.

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