Savage: Trump Now the ‘Leader of the Free World’

Savage: Trump Now the ‘Leader of the Free World’ July 27, 2015

Michael Savage has been on the Donald Trump bandwagon from the get go, probably because they’re both xenophobes, or at least demagogues, who stir up fear and hatred of immigrants by pushing things like the myth of the diseased immigrant. Savage now says that Trump is the “leader of the free world.”

Michael Savage, the right-wing talk show host who credited his book with shaping Trump’s views on immigration, praised Trump this week as “the leader of the entire conservative movement in America and maybe the world.”

“He’s the leader of the Western world,” Savage said. “Donald Trump has moved up to being the leader of the whole Western world right now with his love for America, love for borders, language, culture, family, military, he’s the only one articulating those views.”

Nice list of empty buzzwords, but Donald Trump is seen as a buffoon by the rest of the world, as he should be here.

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