Wingnut: Russia Now the ‘Moral Leader of the World’

Wingnut: Russia Now the ‘Moral Leader of the World’ July 27, 2015

Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network says that since we’re now starting to treat gay people like actual human beings with equal rights, the United States has forfeited its role as the world’s exemplar of morality (however laughable the notion that we ever were such a thing) and Russia is now the “moral leader of the world.”

“The moral position leadership of our country has been forfeited,” the former Pennsylvania Republican legislator said. “Our administration is trying to tie together foreign aid into countries in Africa that have actually passed laws against homosexuality and in favor of traditional marriage. They’re trying to use and force these countries to actually embrace same-sex marriage. Our country, this nation is probably doing more to advance the face of same-sex marriage than anything else.”

“I look over to Russia, Putin, the Russian Orthodox Church has now lifted themselves up as the moral leader of the world,” Rohrer continued. “Believe it or not, Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church [are] the protectors of moral truth. The west and the United States have become the leaders of moral depravity.”

“To now see that we have become, not a shining city on a hill, but a purveyor of evil” is an incredible thing, Rohrer said.

At what point, exactly, was this country the “moral leader of the world” in the first place? When we were enslaving an entire race? When we were lynching them? When we were slaughtering Native Americans by the millions? When we were denying women the right to vote? When we were forcing children to work in coal mines and factories? When we had whites only drinking fountains? When we were installing and propping up brutal dictators around the world to protect the profits of big corporations?

But here’s the punchline: When you mention those things, the Sam Rohrers of the world lose their minds and call you and an anti-American. See, getting upset about actual moral crimes like those things I listed makes you a dirty commie pinko; getting upset about two men or two women loving one another makes you a Godly American.

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