Chino Valley School Board Member Goes on Epic, Incoherent Rant

Chino Valley School Board Member Goes on Epic, Incoherent Rant July 28, 2015

Late last year the FFRF filed a lawsuit against the Chino Valley School District in California over their constant praying and proselytizing during official meetings. The worst of that group, Andrew Cruz, shows what they’re up against with this totally incoherent rant he went on at a recent board meeting, which bounces from gay marriage to abortion to the Confederate flag to chemtrails and vaccines. He really should have been wearing a tinfoil hat while delivering it.

I especially found this amusing, when he interrupted his train of thought ranting about gay marriage to say this:

And by the way, Charleston. It is quite strange that you have nine innocent worshipers in Charleston being murdered and discussion turns around to the Confederate flag.

Why is this quite strange? The murderer made it quite clear that he killed those people because he’s a vicious racist, not because they were “worshipers,” and he used the Confederate flag as a symbol constantly. He went on to say, “We’re no longer a racist country, but they still talk about it.” Only the right wind could claim that black people are not oppressed in this country, but Christians are.

He then went after the “un-American” requirement that children be vaccinated, and claimed that the government “failed to block” Ebola coming into the country, pushing the diseased immigrant myth, and then going on about how he had his rainwater tested and found heavy metals like aluminum in it. He admits he has “no idea” why aluminum would be there, but he’s “doing research” on it. Chemtrails!

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