Fischer: Obama Exporting Sexual Deviancy

Fischer: Obama Exporting Sexual Deviancy July 28, 2015

The Christian right loves to criticize President Obama for daring to suggest that other countries should not throw gay people in jail or kill them. Bryan Fischer is the latest, saying that Obama’s legacy will be that he has “exported sexual deviancy” around the world.

Unsurprisingly, Bryan Fischer is likewise outraged that Obama might dare to criticize the criminalization of homosexuality in the country, lamenting on his radio program today that it is no longer illegal in the United States and blasting Obama for having “done more to export sexual deviancy than any American in the history of the republic.”

“President Obama’s legacy is going to be that he has done more to export sexual deviancy than any American in the history of the republic,” Fischer said. “That’s going to be his legacy. This will be the man that exported sexual deviancy, that made the exportation of sexual deviancy the most dangerous product that the United States ever shipped overseas is going to be President Obama’s legacy.”

Here’s the reality: Bigots like Fischer really, really wish they had the power to imprison or kill gay people. That’s why they lost their minds over the Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v Texas that struck down state laws against sodomy, despite the fact that they were rarely enforced. They crave that power and hate that they don’t have it, which is why they envy countries like Kenya, Russia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, where they do have such power.

They accuse Obama of “cultural imperialism” for daring to criticize those countries for their anti-gay brutality, which is amusing coming from people who send missionaries all over the world to convert people. And especially ironic coming from the same people who freak out when a Muslim country oppresses Christians and demands that Obama engage in precisely the same behavior they deride as cultural imperialism when he does it on behalf of gay people. But human rights are human rights. A gay person has a basic human right not to be punished for being gay and a Christian has the same basic human right not to be punished for speaking their mind about their religious beliefs.

To Christian theocrats like Bryan Fischer, however, only Christians have human rights. And among those rights, in their view, is the right to oppress any group that they think their god disapproves of.

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