The Devil Comes to Detroit

The Devil Comes to Detroit July 28, 2015

This weekend the Satanic Temple unveiled the statue of Baphomet that was supposed to go up at the Oklahoma state capitol next to the Ten Commandments monument, but they did so in Detroit at a secret location because of many threats received. Needless to say, the righteous are really going apeshit over it.

Nine Detroit preachers have done battle with the Satanic Temple, protesting the statue being brought to their city and pleading with the city not to allow it.

“They got kicked out of Boston, Oklahoma didn’t want them, they tried to put (it) up in Florida, that was shut down,” said David Bullock of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church in Detroit at a recent news conference. “Now they come to Detroit. Why do they come to Detroit?”

“We gather together to stand, as one unit, against this demonic spirit,” said Pastor Don Shelby of Burning Bush International Ministries.

Area Catholics held a special mass aimed at countering the spirit of the Satanists.

About 250 parishioners and supporters gathered Saturday morning at St. Joseph Catholic Church to pray for Detroit.

The Satanic Temple eventually got its way, as city leaders allowed them put up their statue.

Good for you. Feel free to pray about it all you want, but you can’t actually stop it from going up on private property because of that pesky First Amendment. The city didn’t allow them to do it, they had nothing to do with it at all. They didn’t need a permit, it’s on private property, and even if they did it would be illegal for the city to block it. But these Christians who would scream bloody murder at the notion that a city would deny anyone the right to put up a statue in their house, place of worship or business wanted the city to prevent it from happening here. As usual, “religious freedom” only means “Christian privilege.”

But that’s when the fun started:

But Church Militant brought their own version of a heavenly statue, only instead of a fallen angel, theirs was a sculpture of the Archangel Michael.

Church Militant had a 6-foot bronze statue of the archangel, which they hauled in a flatbed truck and prayed the prayer of St. Michael while encircling the site three times…

Church Militant also crashed the indoor “unveiling party” and photographed the satanic supporters – and while some interviewed by a local TV station said they don’t actually worship Satan others did describe themselves as anti-Christian. Visible in one of the photographs is an illuminated, upside-down cross.

Satanic party-goers paid $25 for a ticket, and $75 to get photographed on Baphomet’s lap.

“We brought our six-foot bronze statue of St. Michael, who normally rests in our Abp. Fulton J. Sheen studio, as a counter-witness to the blasphemous goat-headed statue of Baphomet, meant to represent Satan,” the Catholic group said on its website. “According to Scripture, St. Michael is the angel who did battle against Lucifer and cast him out of Heaven into the Abyss.”

Hilarious, the battle of the inert objects (and both in violation of the 2nd Commandment, incidentally). The difference is that the satanists don’t actually believe that their statue does anything at all other than piss off Christians. The Christians believe that their statue has some actual power, maybe to chase demons away or something. Basically, they’re being trolled in a big way and ducking right into the punch.

To make things even more amusing, the Church Militant is a Catholic group and some of the Worldnetdaily readers commented that because the Catholic church is the “whore of Babylon” in their view, this was really just a battle of two different demonic groups. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

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