This Speaks Volumes About Trump

This Speaks Volumes About Trump July 28, 2015

A friend sent me a link to this article. I don’t recall hearing about this at the time, though I may have seen it and forgotten. In 2009, Donald Trump sued a writer for $5 billion dollars for quoting people saying that his actual net worth was more in the range of $250 million, not billions.

The real estate mogul has launched a lawsuit against Timothy L. O’Brien who questioned Trump’s net worth in article in 2005.

Trump claims his reputation and brand were damaged and that he missed out on business opportunities because of the story…

In a December 2007 deposition in the case, Trump says his true net worth is harder to calculate because it includes the value of the Trump brand.

“My net worth fluctuates and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings,” he said. “Even my own feelings.”

In the same deposition, Trump acknowledged that he sometimes exaggerates – including when he said, after the book’s publication, that his business was doing as well as ever.

“You wouldn’t tell a reporter you’re doing poorly,” he explained. “If I’m doing poorly, I’d rather not comment.”

So he admits that it’s impossible to calculate his actual net worth and that he sometimes lies about it, but suggesting that it might be lower than he claims is defamation. The case was dismissed, by the way, and Trump appealed but the appeals court upheld the dismissal.

This really does speak volumes about Trump, doesn’t it? His giant ego, his thin-skinned nature, his bullying tactics, his desperate need to stay in the news. All the same traits we’re seeing now as he runs for president.

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