Barton and Company Furious Over Woman on $10 Bill

Barton and Company Furious Over Woman on $10 Bill July 29, 2015

The Treasury Department says it’s going to put a woman’s face on the $10 bill when they are redesigned in 2020 and much of the right wing is quite upset over it. David Barton brought Quin Hillyer of the National Review on his show and they threw quite a little hissy fit over it.

“I think there is something worse afoot,” he said. “You combine this with all sort of other things they’ve done and it looks to me like they literally want to erase our history, especially the respect in which our founding is held. They want to remake this country; in fact, as Obama said, to transform America and you don’t transform America from what it was without trying to erase what it was. And part of the erasure involves making everybody forget what the values were, what the principles were that guided our founding. And so they want to destroy respect for those values and principles and this is part of that mission.”

“People really do need to get outraged and stay outraged about this,” Hillyer continued, “because this isn’t just about a face on a bill, this is about maintaining, preserving, respecting, honoring the history, the good history of the greatest nation ever created on earth.”

For his part, Barton claimed that adding a woman to the $10 bill would “denigrate” the Department of Treasury and, by extension, our entire economic system, while co-host Rick Green declared that such a move would be “bad news for the history of our country.”

Yes, yes, yes, it would destroy American history because, obviously, no woman has ever done anything important enough to be recognized in the entire 230 year history of the country. A single woman’s face among all those men on our currency is an outrage and a threat to the very foundation of the country. Probably all part of a Kenyan Muslim communist plot too. What must it be like to go through life this terrified of…well, everything.

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