Could Alveda King Be Any More Ridiculous?

Could Alveda King Be Any More Ridiculous? July 29, 2015

Alveda King, who would be utterly anonymous if not for the fact that she is Martin Luther King’s niece and stands in favor of everything he was against, would have a hard time being a more ridiculous and ignorant person if she put all her time and effort into trying to be. Case in point:

King was discussing with Rebecca Maxwell, guest host of the “Steave Deace Show,” the recent set of videos smearing Planned Parenthood by suggesting that the organization sells fetal tissue for profit. The media was forced to cover these videos, King said, even though they had been “hesitant to deal with” legal abortion in general, perhaps because of their own personal histories.

“One reason that people have been hesitant to deal with it: shame, secrecy,” she explained. “And even if you think about the media, how do we know [whether a journalist who] is reporting this information has had to grapple with abortion or loss of fertility through using the chemicals and things that they try to use for birth control?”

“There are so many layers,” she added. “How do we know that the men themselves weren’t involved in having their own child aborted? So it’s bringing it right up to you, it’s unavoidable, it’s true.”

Her uncle, of course, proudly accepted an award from Planned Parenthood and spoke eloquently about his admiration for Margaret Sanger and how much he agreed with her and they had similar goals.

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