Pat Robertson Quite Upset About Baphomet Statue

Pat Robertson Quite Upset About Baphomet Statue July 29, 2015

You knew that Pat Robertson was going to throw quite a tantrum over the unveiling of a Baphomet statue by the Satanic Temple in Detroit over the weekend. He does not disappoint, going on an extended rant about how God is going to punish the country for this.

“Aren’t you appalled?” Robertson asked. “First of all we say that being a homosexual is a constitutional right, before that we said that slaughtering unborn babies was a constitutional right and now we want to unveil a statue of Satan in the midst of that economically plagued city? Can you believe that? Where are we heading? Isn’t this going to bring the judgment of God upon us?”

Robertson continued: “You say, could we possibly be serving idols? Could we be sacrificing our babies to some heathen god? Is there something that we are going to be having ritual sacrifice on the State House lawn of some state? Are we going to be allowing this to happen? And while we are doing it, we’ll be having polygamy and polyamory and all the other things that go along with a corrupt culture. Is that the way we’re heading? Well it looks like it is.”

Yes, yes, we know. Your big mean sky buddy is going to beat us up. Again. As you seem to think he does every single day over anything you object to. *yawn* You need some new material. Bear in mind, though, that this is the same guy who promoted the claim that candy companies have witches cast spells on Halloween candy to infect people with demons and that you have to pray over things you buy at garage sales because there might be demons attached to them. Not exactly a voice of reason on this or any other topic.

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