Peterson: Trump is a Real Man’s Man

Peterson: Trump is a Real Man’s Man July 29, 2015

Jesse Lee Peterson, the astonishingly ignorant and bigoted Worldnetdaily columnist and frequent Sean Hannity guest who thinks women should not be allowed to vote, has identified “what Trump has that others don’t.” Answer: He’s a very virile, manly man who doesn’t go for all that feminine thinking stuff.

Trump’s enemies disparage him as a “blowhard” and an “egomaniac,” say he’s hurting the Republican brand (I think they’ve damaged it enough themselves!), and imply he’s a racist. But all of this is a dodge – it’s not the real reason they hate him.

They hate him because he’s acting like men acted in an earlier time, before they started shaving their body hair, apologizing for their beliefs and crying on national TV shows. Trump’s presence is highly embarrassing to feminized men and men-hating women in the media and “sophisticated” political circles…

Unfortunately for Trump’s enemies, he has real attributes that have made him wildly successful. He’s discussed these qualities in his books.

In his business classic, “The Art of the Deal,” Trump explained the huge impact his father had on him, giving him the confidence he needed to succeed in the world.

In “Think Big and Kick A– in Business and Life,” Trump further discusses some of these attributes he’s now using to befuddle his opponents:

  • “Too many people have stopped trusting their instincts. They cut off a natural sense that we are all born with.”
  • “Everyone who does anything is criticized. Expect it. Listen to it. Then dismiss it. I’ve been criticized for everything I’ve ever done. I do not let it get to me. … Do not let it stop you. Speak up and stand out.”
  • “I like to go against the tide.”
  • “When you are attacked publicly, always strike back.” Ask Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham about this one.
  • “Don’t think about how you can make money. Instead, think about what you can produce or what service you can offer that is valuable and useful to people and your community. … And most important, what will you have fun doing?” Unexpected, wise advice.

I asked my radio crew recently if they had the “Trump” personality. This kind of personality is God-given, but most lose it when their fathers fail to guide them properly, and their mothers take out their anger toward their fathers on their children, especially their sons. The difference between Trump and most is – I believe – his father’s positive influence.

This column is not an endorsement of Donald Trump’s campaign. It’s an endorsement of the manly qualities of old.

Yes, he’s “manly” because he responds to criticism with insults rather than substantive answers. He’s “manly” because he “trusts his instincts” instead of, ya know, thinking, which is what girly men do. This is a pretty standard right-wing view of how men are supposed to behave — always decisive, never apologizing, never giving a moment’s thought to whether they might be wrong or not, always choosing immediate action over considered action. It’s a combination of their toxic views of masculinity, their anti-intellectualism and their psychological preference for everything to be pure black and white.

Sadly, a lot of men share this view and follow it in their own lives. That’s why so many men prefer violence over negotiation (this is why the right wing hates the Iran deal, because they hate the very idea that a problem could be solved cooperatively rather than violently), “toughness” over intelligence, and macho bluster over thoughtfulness. If these things are “manly virtues,” count me out. And those posing macho men can throw their childish insults at me — “pussy,” “girly man,” “emasculated,” “mangina” — all they want. I’ll just laugh at their predictable ignorance and the insecurity they’re trying so damn hard to cover up.

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