Savage Wants 50 Years of Republican Dictatorship

Savage Wants 50 Years of Republican Dictatorship July 29, 2015

Michael Savage, who is avidly supporting Donald Trump for president, says that because Obama has ruled by decree (he doesn’t point to a single instance of that, of course), we need 50 years of Republican presidential dictatorship, starting with Donald Trump.

We have Obama, who has dug his heels in and is ruling by fiat. He’s not ruling with the consent of the opposition party. We have a de facto dictatorship right now, we need a de facto dictatorship from the other side of the aisle for 50 years to straighten out the mess that was created from Bill Clinton going forward. I disagree with you. If what we have devolved to in this nation is no longer a nation of checks and balances and no longer a nation of ruling by consensus but ruling by decree, then I would say then Trump is even more important than ever because let him rule by decree and let him straighten the country out and let him start with a fence on the Mexican border. He can probably order that fence built by the illegals themselves.

All of this is just shallow, partisan analysis. Presidents have the power to make some decisions by decree (executive order, for example) but not others. In order to make a coherent, reasonable argument about it you would have to point to a specific example and explain why it exceeds presidential authority. Some of what Obama has ordered is entirely within his powers (the immigration order, the ban on torture), some is clearly not (NSA data mining programs). But by Savage’s own reasoning, ruling by decree is, by definition, “de facto dictatorship,” which he then fully endorses because “they do it too.”

And no, the president cannot order the building of a wall on the Mexican border without congressional action, that would exceed constitutional authority. It would require a huge amount of money, which can only be allocated by Congress. And then there’s this, from the same show:

Later in the program, Savage described Trump as the bold white leader that Americans have been praying for all this time.

“We’ve finally seen a white man with you know what,” Savage said. “Finally a white man stood up with you know what and said ‘go to hell’ to his enemies and if you don’t like it go take a walk. America’s been waiting for him, they’ve been praying for him.”

No, white supremacists have been waiting and praying for their white savior. Savage is now pretty obviously one of them.

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