Texas Bigots Still Trying to Defund Marriage Equality

Texas Bigots Still Trying to Defund Marriage Equality July 30, 2015

Rep. Dan Flynn of the Texas state legislature is still pushing this absurd notion that they can nullify the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling by passing a law that says no public money can be used to facilitate such marriages. He could hardly be more wrong.

A Texas state lawmaker warns constitutional chaos is developing as states try to adapt to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that redefined marriage.

In a letter from to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Austin, points out the various agencies affected by the ruling are spending money without permission from the the legislature.

Flynn, seeking an opinion from Paxton, notes that regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court decides, the state of Texas is run by its own constitution, which allows only lawmakers to authorize funding.

“Absent action by the Texas Legislature, [executive] branch agencies, such as DSHS, have not been delegated authority to promulgate policies or procedures to implement same-sex marriage in Texas or other benefits,” he said. “Therefore, any marriage license issued in contradiction with Texas state law or other policy unilaterally awarding benefits to same-sex couples is invalid.”

Flynn said the obvious solution is for the Texas governor to call a special session of the legislature to address the recent United States Supreme Court and federal district court rulings.

Just another attempt at nullification that will not work. Do these people know nothing of history at all? This has been tried, repeatedly, and it does not work. Ask George Wallace. Ask Ross Barnett, the governor of Mississippi who tried to prevent James Meredith from attending Ole Miss in 1962. We settled this with the civil war and it remains the law, no matter how much these bigots want to turn back the clock to the 1850s.

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