Jewish Fascist Again Tries to Murder Gay Pride Marchers in Jerusalem

Jewish Fascist Again Tries to Murder Gay Pride Marchers in Jerusalem July 31, 2015

Back in 2005, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish bigot attacked a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, stabbing several people. He spent the last ten years in prison for it. He got of prison a few weeks ago and the first thing that he did was stab six more people at this year’s pride event.

Israeli police have arrested a man after six people were wounded in a stabbing at the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem.

A police spokesperson identified the suspect as the same man who stabbed three people at the parade in 2005.

Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for that attack and was released from prison three weeks ago.

Two of the injured are in a serious condition, medics said.

The attacker emerged behind marchers and began stabbing them while screaming, before being tackled by a police officer.

Between those two events, another murderous bigot opened fire at a gay community center in Tel Aviv, killing two people and wounding more than a dozen others. Let’s not mince words: The ultra-Orthodox community, both in Israel and the United States, is as much a group of religious fascists as the Taliban or the Army of God. Fundamentalist extremism is a clear and present danger, regardless of which religion they are a part of.

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