Wingnut Predicts More Abortion Clinic Violence

Wingnut Predicts More Abortion Clinic Violence July 31, 2015

John Zmierak, the extraordinarily bigoted editor of televangelist con man James Robison’s rival to BarbWire called The Stream, made a prediction that sounds a lot like a threat to me, that in the wake of the incredibly dishonest videos released pushing the lie that Planned Parenthood is selling fetal body parts there will be more violence at clinics.

In an interview with Iowa talk radio host Simon Conway, Zmirak praised the “pro-life journalistic heroes” at the Center for Medical Progress for their strategy of slowly releasing videos that they falsely claim show that Planned Parenthood is selling “baby parts” for profit.

“I’ve got to think that what’s coming next is even more damning,” he said. “If that continues, I think they’re going to need to put police in front of Planned Parenthood clinics to keep them safe and intact because the public outrage will just be so great.”

The prediction that Planned Parenthood clinics will need “police” to keep them “safe” is not an idle threat coming from a movement whose extreme fringes have a long history of violence.

No, it certainly is no idle threat. And he’s right, there is likely to be more clinic violence, spurred on by the lies of these anti-choice bigots who are obsessed with controlling every woman’s reproductive rights.

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