Stockman and Wiles, Together At Last

Stockman and Wiles, Together At Last August 7, 2015

Former Rep. Steve Stockman lost his seat in the House last fall after a failed attempt to run for the Senate, but he’s staying busy by going on the radio with Rick Wiles and spinning an absolutely bizarre tale about how Obama is “faking” the bombing of ISIS and is going to start a war bigger than WWIII.

Earlier this week, former Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman returned to End Times preacher Rick Wiles’ “Trunews” radio program, where he alleged that the U.S. is faking the military campaign against the so-called Islamic State and is instead instigating a conflict bigger than World War II.

After Stockman insisted that the Obama administration is “not bombing” ISIS, Wiles claimed that in fact “Obama created ISIS.” Wiles then charged that Obama is a Sunni Muslim, to which Stockman responded that “even the Sunnis hate him” and “most of them believe that Obama did create ISIS.”

“He’s created a war, a potential war, for the next president,” Stockman said, insisting that Obama is “pretty crazy” and may start “a war bigger than the Germans did” in World War II.

I don’t suppose you have any, ya know, evidence for any of that? I didn’t think so.

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  • Bob Jase

    evidence? Why the lack of evidence is proof in itself!

  • John Pieret

    I don’t suppose you have any, ya know, evidence for any of that?

    I think the way it works is that, once you assume Obama is going to do the worst thing possible (because … well … you know!), all you have to do is imagine what the worst Obama can do and it is ipso facto what he is going to do.

  • ohnugget001

    Ed, this is the first article of yours on Patheos that I’ve read and I merely wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for the atheist community and welcome you here to Patheos.

  • Randy Meyer

    Coverups are designed not to produce evidence.

  • raven

    End Times Broadcaster Rick Wiles says Obama is Antichrist …www. dailykos. com/…/-End-Times-Broadcaster-Rick-Wiles-say…
    Jul 6, 2015 – Some of you might recall another recent diary where Rick Wiles was to ‘renounce’ his citizenship and ..

    I don’t know why anyone pays attention to Rick Wiles.
    Even Rick Wiles doesn’t pay attention to Rick Wiles. A month ago, Obama was the Antichrist. Now he is a Sunni Moslem who created ISIS.
    Next month he will be a Commie, and the month after that a Space Reptile. Wiles is just babbling without bothering to pay attention to or remember what he says.

    • marty kay

      How much cognitive awareness does it take to realise that if some of their stories were true (such as, Obama being some evil mastermind intent on destroying the USA and being a terrorist antichristsunni muslim communist chinese kenyan space lizard*)… they’d be getting a “mistaken” drone flight into their front window. Or accidentally run into by black trucks whilst out driving. Or stabbed with a poisoned umbrella.

      Oh, and there would be “technical difficulties” in sending out this drivel of a radio show.
      * almost forgot the space lizards.

  • kraut2

    “I don’t suppose you have any, ya know, evidence for any of that?”

    Regarding the creation of Isis

    remember the Taliban…now, who’d you think created that..or is your memory that short?

    As to the other claim…typcal mixing truth with bullshit and devaluating the discussion

    • Kermit Freehand

      Stockman isn’t nuanced enough to understand what those links are claiming. I agree that current Near East wars and violent groups are largely a result of our (USA) interference. Stockman is claiming,however, that Obama got together with his Muslim buddies and created this group in order to deplete our precious bodily fluids, violate our daughters, and send all good American Christians to FEMA camps.

      But the reality is probably more the result of the volatile interactions of our right wing nutjobs and Near Eastern homegrown nutjobs. It’s highly unlikely that, for instance, if Gore had been elected president in 2000 we would have gone to war in Iraq. Possibly not in Afghanistan, and we would not have been there ten years later if we had.While many liberals did vote for Bush in 2004 (“Bomb brown people if you have to, but make me feel safe!”) but it’s the GOP that needs enemies to fear and hate to motivate their constituents to vote and donate money.

      Still, the CIA fomented revolution putting Batista in power, the Shah of Iran, President Thieu of Vietnam, etc. And there’s an awful lot of oil money being waved around these days.

  • raven

    Who ultimately gets the blame for creating ISIS is George Bush.
    He started the Iraq war, and set up the sectarian factionalization of Iraq. It’s been almost constant war between the Sunnis and Shiites ever since.
    Obama has spent most of his two terms fixing the Bush/Cheney Great Disaster.

  • I’d love to know how Stockman figures Obama convinced Stephen Harper, Francois Hollande etc. etc. to go along with his fake war on ISIS.