Rios: Trump Will Save Us From Political Correctness

Rios: Trump Will Save Us From Political Correctness August 8, 2015

Sandy Rios fired up all 27 of her still-functioning brain cells and told listeners of her radio show that Donald Trump is going to cure America of the “horrible disease” of “political correctness.” I wonder if the anti-PC crowd realizes how much they duck into the punch when they say things like this?

When Rios asked her radio program’s listeners to call in and tell her who they were supporting for president, a Trump supporter told her that he likes the billionaire because he “cannot be controlled by the money, so he is saying things and he’s pushing the other candidates to where they cannot say nothing.”

Rios responded that she was “totally in agreement” and previewed an interview that she will be airing soon with an expert on “mind control and political correctness” who said that the “antidote” to such horrors “is speaking the truth.”

“That’s, I think, why people are responding to Trump,” she said, “it’s like the antidote to this horrible disease that’s been infecting the country.”

You see, when people say that Trump is great because he isn’t “politically correct,” they’re only proving the point that not being “politically correct” just means saying stupid, dishonest and bigoted things. Because that’s what Trump has been doing on a daily basis since he launched his campaign.

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