Bangladeshi Government Sides With Fascist Islamic Murderers

Bangladeshi Government Sides With Fascist Islamic Murderers August 11, 2015

In the worst possible response, the Bangladeshi government is taking the side of the Islamic fascists who have now murdered four atheist bloggers, warning other bloggers that if they write anything that “hurts religious sentiments” they will be arrested and face 14 years in prison.

Secular activists expressed outrage Monday after Bangladesh’s national police chief warned bloggers they faced jail for posting material deemed offensive following last week’s machete murder of a secular writer.

Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Hoque warned bloggers in the officially secular but Muslim-majority country against hurting religious sentiments.

“No one should cross the limit,” Hoque said on Sunday in comments to reporters carried in major newspapers on Monday.

“And for hurting someone’s religious sentiment, the person will be punished by the law,” Hoque said, adding that the maximum punishment is 14 years in jail.

The government’s job is to protect people against being murdered for anything, but especially merely for expressing their opinions. This is nothing less than barbaric totalitarianism.

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  • DingoJack

    Reading the headline I found myself saying ‘Why am I not surprised’? 🙁

  • Bob Jase


  • Sastra

    After all, “hurting someone’s religious sentiment” destroys their honor — and an Honor Culture runs on the need to create and recognize this special harm.

    That doesn’t exculpate religion, though. Spiritual world views are extended, abstracted, idealized versions of Honor Culture purity written into the fabric of the entire universe.

  • “No one should cross the limit,”

    He says to the bloggers, not the dudes running around with machetes.

  • otrame

    I find I have to keep reminding myself that the evil ones are a tiny proportion of the population, and that most Bangladeshi people are too busy trying to find enough to eat to worry about such stuff, because my first impulse is to watch the water rise with complete equanimity.

    No, I don’t really mean that, but for me, anger often results in “reap what you sow” fantasies. For instance, I imagine the murderers to find themselves before Allah and being astonished when he is not happy with them, but instead says, “You brought dishonor to my name. To hell with you.”

    • EnlightenmentLiberal

      Depends on the country. Some countries really are filled with hate-filled people because that’s the way that they were raised in that culture. It was a Pew Poll or some other respected polling agency that showed 50%+ want the death penalty for apostasy. I forget where Bangladeshi is on the list.

  • alverant

    So how often are muslims arrested for hurting someone’s religious sentiment? It sounds like another version of religious privilege.

  • Macallan

    So, are they on the list of governments that support terrorism yet?

  • Mr. Goodwraith

    Other than ponying up a whole mess of money, what needs to be done to get the other 80 bloggers on the hit list out of that country?