God Hates Scott Lively

God Hates Scott Lively August 20, 2015

marriage-equality-meme-450x448It’s endlessly ridiculous, and thus endlessly amusing, when the Christian right confidently declares that each and every natural disaster or bad weather event is proof that God is angry with us, coincidentally for whatever they themselves are angry about (usually gay people, of course). So what happens when a tornado interrupts a fundraiser for one of the most vile bigots in existence, Scott Lively? JoeMyGod gives us the answer:

Last night Porno Pete and Scott Lively were about an hour into their live-streamed fundraiser when cell phones in the apparently sparse audience began chiming with tornado warnings, prompting the moderator to say, “Well, we better get to the basement.” God timed the tornado warning to arrive moments after Lively waved around a copy of his book, The Pink Swastika, saying that the Obergefell ruling was just a “dress rehearsal” for the apocalypse. For real. Lively’s final words: “The prince and the power of the air, I think he’s unhappy with us!”

Oh yes, maybe she is. Maybe she’s tired of you using her to justify your bigotry. Maybe she loves gay people and thinks they’re just fine the way they are. Maybe she agrees with me and thinks you’re a dishonest, hateful bigot who wouldn’t know reality if it bit you on the ass. Are you getting her message yes, Mr. Lively? Ah, probably not. But this makes at least as much sense as when the bigots do it.

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