Pat Robertson Being an Ignoramus, As Usual

Pat Robertson Being an Ignoramus, As Usual August 20, 2015

PatRobertsonPat Robertson threw his viewers some red meat on the 700 Club this week, delivering the usual right-wing diatribe about unelected judges destroying the freedom of Christians to take away the freedom of people they view as immoral. And he threw in that ridiculous canard about the Supreme Court inventing rights not found in the Constitution as well.

As a result, America’s Christian majority “are being made to bow down before the two percent who are homosexual.”

“We have surrendered the great freedom we have in this nation to an oligarchy of non-elected judges,” he said. “This is a free country.” The televangelist especially took issue with Justice Anthony Kennedy, the author of the Obergefell decision: “These five, and Justice Kennedy is off on this kick about the personhood and sanctity of personhood and being gay is your self-identity and all that baloney, it’s not in the Constitution but he’s come up with all of these rules.”

“Why am I upset about this? We better be upset,” Robertson added.

Hey Pat, you know what else the Constitution doesn’t mention? The right to send one’s children to private schools, something you support. And if the courts did not protect that right, you’d be screaming like a banshee about how that is destroying your freedom. So it seems that you’re just fine with the courts protecting unenumerated rights when you agree with that right; if you don’t agree with that right, it magically transforms into an “oligarchy of non-elected judges” making you “bow down” to their whims. Special pleading for the win.

And then there’s this. He absurdly claims that the gay mafia is trying to destroy Christians:

“They now are on a vendetta to destroy everyone who disagree with them,” he warned. “They are going to do everything to destroy everyone who disagrees with this point of view.”

Right, Pat. Like all those laws sponsored by gay people to throw Christians in jail just for being Christian. Oh wait, there are no such laws. But there are laws that put gay people in jail just for being gay. And guess who supports them? Pat Robertson. Like most bigots, he threw a fit when the Supreme Court overturned those laws in 2003. And his American Center for Law and Justice still supports those laws in other countries, as well as supporting laws that punish people merely for advocating for gay rights, as in Russia. I’ll take serious psychological projection for $1000, Alex.

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