Farah Still Pimping Those Blood Moons

Farah Still Pimping Those Blood Moons September 2, 2015

Joseph Farah and the Worldnetdaily have been furiously promoting all that “blood moons” nonsense for well over a year now, selling several books and videos about how this entirely natural phenomenon, which actually has nothing to do with blood or, frankly, with the moon (it’s the atmosphere that changes the way it looks, the moon stays exactly the same). But time is short now because the last one is appearing in less than four weeks, so they can only make money on it before the whole thing fizzles. So Farah puts on his carnival barker hat and goes to work:

It seems like everyone around the world is looking to September 2015 with expectation, wonder and even a little dread. Now it’s here.

Nope, not everyone. Only a tiny subset of Christians who get all excited about this stuff and never seem to learn when the latest craze turns out to be nothing. The same kind of people who fell for the Heaven’s Gate nonsense, Harold Camping’s end of the world, parts one and two, and other similar instances of group hysteria.

Now, what has become known as “the blood moons phenomenon” is nearing its dramatic conclusion, with the last occurrence set for Sept. 28, where it will be seen in much of the world including Jerusalem. While others have attempted to place these astronomical events in a proper biblical, prophetic and historic context, no one is better positioned to do so than Mark Biltz, who has been putting all the pieces together over several years of intense research.

It’s not a question of “if” these signs will occur. All but the last already have – right on schedule – to the fascination of the whole world. It’s not even a question of “when” they will occur. About that there is no doubt. The only questions that remain to be answered is what they mean – and whether they are biblical harbingers of things to come for the world and for God’s people. No one has perspective on these questions like Mark Biltz. The wisdom of decoding these heavenly messages from our Creator in “Blood Moons” is overwhelmingly persuasive, and I believe this book will, for the first time, answer all the questions curious people of all walks of life will have about the imminent signs in the heavens.

Well yes, celestial events like this are highly predictable because scientists understand them very well. The only question is, are they signs at all? Of course, people like Farah can turn them into signs easily — anything that happens around the end of this month, or early next month (they can stretch it out as much as they need), will be declared yet another sign from God, with no actual evidence whatsoever. If a hurricane hits somewhere around the world, as it likely will at some point in the next few weeks because we’re in peak hurricane season, they will scream “A HA! Proof!” And rational people will laugh at them.

I have not been as enthusiastic about a powerful spiritual teaching since I worked with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” a documentary movie treatment of his best-seller “The Harbinger.” “Blood Moons” by Mark Biltz is that kind of message – one so detailed, so improbable, so mysterious it could only be the result of Divine handiwork.

Yeah, you haven’t been this excited since the last pile of bullshit you could package and sell to credulous rubes who never seem to catch on to the con no matter how many times they fall for it.

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