Tea Party Compares GOP to Terrorists for Ejecting Courser and Gamrat

Tea Party Compares GOP to Terrorists for Ejecting Courser and Gamrat September 14, 2015

This will give you some idea of the kind of people here in Michigan who voted for Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the two lovebirds ejected from the Michigan legislature for one of the most bizarre political scandals I’ve ever seen. The Allegan County Tea Party, which encompasses Gamrat’s House district, says that the Republicans who booted them out are worse than the terrorists who attacked on 9/11.

On 9/11 2015, the terrorist network in Lansing Michigan (sometimes called the Republican Party leadership), has taken down the Twin Towers.

It took more than a few box cutters to destroy the foundation, but included well placed explosives in a true conspiracy to cover the truth.

Justice has not been served in this matter, but destroyed.

The twin towers of….stupidity? Hypocrisy? I think it’s a great idea to take down those towers, don’t you? The group’s leader is not backing down:

“The Republican Party leadership is far worse than the terrorists who attacked New York,” [Allegan County Tea Party Chairman Stephen] Young said. “Millions killed by Republican leadership, versus thousands by terrorists.”

Young believes Gamrat was removed for her strong stances on issues like abortion.

“(Gamrat) made a huge mistake, there is no doubt she made a mistake — but that’s not why she was removed.”

Now that’s really funny. The Michigan Republican Party is furiously anti-abortion. They have passed bill after bill to destroy a woman’s right to choose in this state. They are in full agreement with Gamrat about abortion. Nice try, Mr. Young, but your theory is ridiculous. They were removed for entirely legitimate reasons.

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