Trump: I’ll Deport 11 Million Immigrants in Two Years

Trump: I’ll Deport 11 Million Immigrants in Two Years September 14, 2015

DonaldTrumpDonald Trump has now put a time frame on his patently ridiculous claim that he’ll just remove 11 million undocumented immigrants from the United States, saying that it will take him 18 months to two years to do it. He still hasn’t said how he’ll do it, of course, only that it will happen through “really good management” and that it will happen “so fast that your head will spin.”

The businessman’s statement made on a call with Alabama Republicans Thursday night added a bit of specificity to the Republican presidential frontrunner’s hardline stance on immigration. Mr. Trump released a six-page policy paper on immigration last month, and reporters have asked for details about how it would work since.

The Alabama Republican Party hosted the dial-in call with Mr. Trump Thursday night as part of series with the 2016 presidential candidates. Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz have also participated.

On the call, Mr. Trump was asked for details about how long it would take to round up illegal immigrants living in the U.S., with the questioner asking if five or ten years was an appropriate timeframe. Mr. Trump said his two year benchmark could be met with “really good management.”

“We have to get them out. If we have wonderful cases, they can come back in but they have to come back in legally,” Mr. Trump said in an audio clip posted on YouTube Thursday night by a person on the call…

Mr. Trump said he would remove illegal immigrants from the country “so fast that your head will spin,” and long before he could embark on his plan to build a wall spanning the 1,900 mile border between the U.S. and Mexico.

“I’m going to drive my car to the moon.”

Uh, how are you doing to do that?

“By hiring the right people to help me do it and really good management.”

Yeah, but that doesn’t say how you’ll actually do it.

“I’ll do it so fast it’ll make your head spin.”

Are people really dumb enough to fall for this shit? Yep, they certainly are. And seriously, how many times is Trump going to use this “make your head spin” line? How fucking embarrassing would it be to have Donald Trump as the president?

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