Charisma News Gives Master Class in Excusing a Failed Prophecy

Charisma News Gives Master Class in Excusing a Failed Prophecy September 24, 2015

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I wrote last week about the failed prophecy from Jonathan Cahn that on the last day of the “shemitah” year, something cataclysmic would happen that would show God’s wrath for all of our terrible sins, like treating gay people like human beings. Bob O’Dell at Charisma News follows the script on how to excuse away a total miss on a prophecy by declaring that it did come true, we all just didn’t notice.

Exactly 14 years ago in 2001, on the last day of the Shemitah year—Elul 29—and just after the 9/11 attacks, the markets dropped precipitously albeit briefly. Then exactly seven years ago in 2008, a significant drop occurred on the last day of the Shemitah year, which signaled the start of the 2008-2009 recession.

So why did “nothing happen” this time?

Actually, something did happen, but before we reveal what, let us set the stage.

God has multiple purposes for everything He does, and whatever He allows to happen is always a fascinating confluence of all those purposes. We are not Him, of course. His ways are above ours. But since He wants to be known, He encourages us to try to be those who have eyes to see. It is this encouragement that prompts this very article, even knowing that whatever we might see, to the extent it is correct, will not be the whole story.

First, while God is a God of pattern, He is not a God of formula. Had Elul 29 happened again to the very day, for the third time in a row with a large financial drop, would we not be tempted to see Elul 29 as a proven formula? Would we not go to our calendars and circle that date of Elul 29 seven years from now? Is that an outcome God wants?

How the fuck should I know? How the fuck should anyone know?

It seems that God has decided to introduce the Shemitah to the larger world. On that basis, I will make the first two predictions of this article: Whatever happens in the days, weeks and months ahead will not result in a large scale mockery of God and the Shemitah cycle He invented. Furthermore, God will not put to shame the very people who have stuck their necks out saying “This Shemitah is from God.”

Wow, that’s a powerful prediction. Everything we said was wrong so people are going to make fun of us. Nice work Nostradamus.

Jonathan Cahn’s book was already partially vindicated by the drops of the market in August, although looking back it seems that a fairest interpretation of August in the context of Shemitah is more of a first-step or a warning, than as a complete fulfillment.

“Something huge and cataclysmic is going to happen on Sep. 13!”
*nothing happens*
“Something tiny and insignificant happened a month before that, so that totally fulfills the prophecy!”

This is how “prophecy” works, much like how “psychics” do cold readings. You declare that something is going to happen on a given day and then you declare it a hit when anything at all happens anywhere near that time. Voila, a totally unfalsifiable claim. And their credulous followers will shout amen and hallelujah, blissfully unaware that they’ve been conned yet again.

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