Christian Reconstructionist Group Swaps One Fascist for Another

Christian Reconstructionist Group Swaps One Fascist for Another October 4, 2015

ChristianFlagThe Christian Reconstructionist group American Vision is changing leaders. Christian Fascist Gary DeMar is stepping down and being replaced by fellow Christian fascist Joel McDurmon. These are the people who want to “restore America to its biblical foundations” by implementing the Mosaic law as the civil and criminal law of the land. Of course, America was never a theocracy, so they aren’t actually “restoring” anything.

American Vision is pleased to announce a transition of leadership as Dr. Joel McDurmon succeeds Dr. Gary DeMar as President of American Vision, Inc.

Joel McDurmon joined American Vision in 2008 as its Director of Research, and as resident scholar upon receiving his Ph.D. in 2012. Over the past seven years he has worked closely with Gary DeMar in project and program development, producing over a dozen books, editing several, and lecturing both across the country and internationally. Dr. McDurmon was successfully approved as President of American Vision and a voting Member by its Board of Directors, effective October 1, 2015.

Gary DeMar has served as President of American Vision for over 30 years and has produced dozens of books and audio/video resources on multiple topics. His foundational books, God and Government and Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern Church, have together taught hundreds of thousands of Christians about biblical worldview in the areas of government, ethics, and prophecy. Gary DeMar remains committed to the mission of American Vision and continues to serve as a Member of the Board of Directors and as a Senior Fellow of American Vision. He will continue to write and contribute into the years to come.

Since 1978, American Vision has focused upon its mission to “Restore America to its biblical foundations.” Over the past few years, American Vision has planned and worked to effect this orderly change of leadership in order to continue its significant work and to expand upon the foundations Gary DeMar has laid over the past generation.

This isn’t restoration, it’s an overthrow of a secular republic with a Christian theocracy. DeMar spells that out quite clearly in his God and Government books. These are very, very dangerous people who stand for everything I despise.

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