Theodore Shoebat: Christian, Fascist, Moron

Theodore Shoebat: Christian, Fascist, Moron October 12, 2015

TheodoreShoebat2Theodore Shoebat’s father Walid may be a fake “ex-terrorist,” but his son is the genuine article. No, he hasn’t actually killed anyone that we know of, but he continually advocates for the wholesale slaughter of…well, pretty much everyone. He’s called repeatedly for the murder of all gay people, now he says that in the theocratic fascist state he wants to create, anyone who expresses “explicitly anti-Christian sentiment” would be killed as well.

He also uses the example of Jeffrey Dahmer, who was both gay and a cannibal, to argue for his obsessive desire to commit genocide against gay people, saying that being gay leads to cannibalism. Teddy is not a bright guy, to say the least. He takes a single example, claims a causal relationship with no evidence at all, and then condemns all gay people as cannibals. Of course, Dahmer was raised by a creationist, so that proves that creationism leads to cannibalism and all creationists should be put to death. I mean, if we’re going by his “reasoning.” Hell, we can do better than that. The overwhelming majority of serial killers are straight. And nearly all of them are men. Straight men clearly must be slaughtered!

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