Fischer Freaks Out Over New DOJ Position

Fischer Freaks Out Over New DOJ Position October 20, 2015

Screenshot from Youtube clip
Screenshot from Youtube clip
As noted previously, the Department of Justice has a new position, a domestic terrorism counsel, to track and respond to domestic groups that have engaged in terrorism (the Army of God, KKK, Aryan Nation, anti-abortion extremists, radical animal rights activists, radical environmentalists, etc) and the Christian is losing their minds over it. Bryan Fischer says they’re now going to target all Christians!

If you have ever wondered whether President Obama has an abiding hostility to people of Christian faith, wonder no more. He believes we are a threat to national security. If you are a sincerely devoted follower of Jesus Christ, your president believes you are a potential domestic terrorist.

I do not exaggerate. In a gathering at George Washington University this week, Obama’s assistant attorney general for national security, John Carlin, revealed that the Department of Justice is creating a brand new position just to monitor us. The position, domestic terrorism counsel, will be created to combat the “real and present threat” of domestic terrorism.

And where, pray tell, does this threat come from? From the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a stated goal of exterminating Western civilization and sabotaging our miserable house from within? Nope. From ISIS, which is actively recruiting jihadists in all 50 states? Nope. Jihadists who are sneaking into the United States disguised as Syrian refugees? Nope.

No, the real threat to our national security, according to our president and his minions, is coming from the Family Research Council and the American Family Association.

Uh, no. This isn’t about the “real” threat versus others. There isn’t just one real threat, there are lots of them. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year in response to terrorism around the world, most of it from reactionary Muslim groups. The DOJ is now going to have one person whose job it is to coordinate the response to domestic terrorism threats, which have actually killed more Americans since 9/11 than Muslim terrorists have, and to hear the professional hysterics of the Christian right tell it, the U.S. government is now going to ignore Muslim terrorism and start rounding up every Christian in the country. Their connection to reality is more than just a bit tenuous.

Carlin lauded the work of the thoroughly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, which is so blatantly and maliciously biased against Christians that other parts of Obama’s administration – the FBI, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Army – are getting as far away from the SPLC as they can…

Heidi Beirich, the SPLC’s intelligence project director, teamed with Carlin to demonize pro-family groups. She told a reporter that the SPLC classifies groups as hate groups “on the basis of ideology.” In other words, the SPLC will vilify groups because of what they believe, not because of what they do or because they have demonstrated any propensity toward violence.

And she flatly admits it. “We post groups on the basis of ideology, not whether they’re violent or not.”

I like how he frames this as an admission, as if this is somehow surprising. The list is of hate groups, not violent groups. Some of those hate groups also commit violence, but most of them do not. And yes, “pro-family” groups are almost always hate groups, even if they don’t actually commit violence. So yes, a list of hate groups is going to include them. That doesn’t mean they are equating hate group with violent group. The SPLC also does note where any hate groups have committed violence, and that information is undoubtedly going to be valuable to this new DOJ counsel.

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