Man Who Wants Gays Put to Death Goes on AFA Radio Show

Man Who Wants Gays Put to Death Goes on AFA Radio Show October 26, 2015

ChristianFlagThe American Family Association flies into a rage at the notion that anyone would call them a hate group, even while engaging in daily demonization of gay people. And then they prove it by inviting a guy like Kevin Swanson, who has repeatedly called for the death penalty for gay people as the Bible demands, on to one of their radio shows to talk to the leader of the organization.

Swanson told host Tim Wildmon, the president of the American Family Association, that persecution in America is “happening all over the place,” lamenting that now “accountants who refuse to submit forms for homosexual couples” are facing persecution.

“We’re looking at a massive increase in persecution,” he said, warning that religious radio stations will soon be taken off the air if they “refuse to give equal time to homosexuals on the basis of sexual orientation.”

He continued: “We’re all at stake. If you don’t want your pastor in jail, if you want your religious radio station still broadcasting, if you want your job and if you’re a Christian, you had better take this matter seriously in the 2016 elections. The next Supreme Court justices appointed by the next president will be, I think, the determining factor as to whether or not we will live in a highly socialist country in which Christians are persecuted or if we are going to remain free as Christians in the marketplace and in our churches.”

According to Swanson, not being allowed to discriminate against gay people is “persecution.” Murdering them just for being gay? That’s just Godly “freedom.” It’s really hard to overstate exactly how dangerously perverse that is.

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