Girl Who Filmed Abusive Cop Arrested

Girl Who Filmed Abusive Cop Arrested October 28, 2015

PoliceBrutalityI would guess that by now you’ve seen the horrible footage of a deputy sheriff in South Carolina throwing a high school girl across the room while sitting at her desk. That was bad enough, but now the girl who pulled out her cell phone and filmed the abusive cop has been arrested and held on a $1000 bond for “disturbing the school.” Like she was the one who caused the disturbance.

A South Carolina high school student who witnessed her classmate being physically abused by a school resource officer was arrested and held on $1,000 for filming the incident.

Niya Kenny, 18, told WLTX she was shocked and disturbed when she saw Officer Ben Fields flipping her female classmate out of her desk and pinning her to the ground for refusing to leave class.

“I was screaming ‘What the f, what the f is this really happening?’ I was praying out loud for the girl,” Kenny told WLTX. “I just couldn’t believe this was happening I was just crying and he said, since you have so much to say you are coming too. I just put my hands behind my back.”…

Niya Kenny was charged with “disturbing school,” which her mother questions.

“Who was really disturbing the school?” Doris Kenny asked. “Was it my daughter or the officer who came in to the classroom and did that to the young girl?”

I’m kind of flabbergasted by this. The school and the sheriff’s department is already taking a massive amount of heat for the behavior of the officer, who apparently has a long history of misconduct and abuse complaints. This is only going to make that furor much worse. They have made their PR nightmare even worse. More importantly, they have made a clearly illegal arrest and they’re going to end up paying for it.

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