LaBarbera: I’m Too Sexy For My Fellow Bigots

LaBarbera: I’m Too Sexy For My Fellow Bigots October 31, 2015

PlanetWingnuttiaPeter LaBarbera is one of the most extreme anti-gay bigots in the country, so much so that he’s complaining that most of the anti-gay groups, including the World Conference of Families and the Family Research Council, won’t invite him to their conferences because they’re just so gosh darned “politically correct.” Whatever that might possibly mean in such a context.

This sort of timidity, LaBarbera stated, is sadly rampant in the “pro-family” movement, which is why voices like his and Brian Camenker of MassResistance and even Mefferd herself are never invited to speak at the more “mainstream” Religious Right events such as the annual Values Voter Summit.

“People like Brian Camenker do not get invited to these family conferences,” he said, “let’s just be honest here. There is a political correctness within the pro-family movement and you talk about it, I talk about it, but most people don’t. I love the Values Voter Conference and the Family Research Council; I went this year and had a great time, but Brian Camenker, or myself, or even you will never be invited to speak there because everybody is afraid of, ‘Oh, it’s too anti-gay.’ The people who are telling the most truth about homosexual activists and the transgender agenda are usually, in a way, kind of, hands off and shunned a little bit because, ‘Hey, we want to make sure we’re not attacked as haters.’ Well, the funny thing is, no matter what you do, if you take on the gay agenda at all,you will be called a hater.”

“Of course,” agreed Mefferd. “No matter how nice you are, you’re just a nice hater, fooling us with your false claims of love.”

When you’re too much of a bigot for the World Conference of Families, a group that falls just short of demanding that all gay people be executed, you might want to reconsider your life. And he’s kind of right. There are variations among the anti-gay bigots as well and LaBarbera is, along with people like Camenker, Scott Lively and a few others, on the far right fringe of the far right fringe.

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