RNC Member Goes Anti-Vaxxer

RNC Member Goes Anti-Vaxxer October 31, 2015

PlanetWingnuttiaTamara Scott, wingnut radio show host and member of the Republican National Committee from Iowa, has once again brought an anti-vaccination activist on her show and said something really, really dumb. Scott said that disease outbreaks in school are not because people don’t get their kids vaccinated but because the “socialist” schools make kids share pencils now. Wha?

Scott was outraged, saying that the real health problem in schools is socialism and that the best thing you can do for your children’s health is to take them out of public schools.

“The schools are some of the germiest places you’ll ever be around,” she said. “They’ve gone to this socialistic teaching where you no longer have your own pencils you’re responsible for so you can learn how to take care of things and be a good steward; it’s all socialistic in the middle of the table, you’re all facing each other, handling each other’s things. And the schools, yet, when my kids were in school, kept wondering why they kept having all the issues with strep throat and all the issues with all these childhood illnesses continually happening. Because it’s the new way they’re doing school in the classroom. So, if you want to keep your kid healthy, take them out of public school. It will help them mentally, emotionally, academically and now, physically, it would help them as well.”

“There, I’ve just said it,” she concluded. “I may never be able to run for office, that quote will follow me with some of the liberal news organizations, but it is true, that’s probably the best thing you can do for your child right now.”


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