Bryan Fischer Award Winner: David Barton

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: David Barton November 2, 2015

DavidBartonThe Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who show a breathtaking lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of engaging in their own worst sins. And this may be the most jaw-dropping example in history. David Barton has managed to psychologically project all the way to the moon by declaring that conservatives, unlike liberals, “don’t want to speak until they feel like they’ve mastered the facts.” You might want to sit down for this one.

“Self-identified conservatives outnumber self-identified liberals in nearly every state,” Barton said, claiming that conservatives are reluctant to speak up on current events because they are afraid that they do not have enough knowledge or information, whereas liberals simply don’t care that they are clueless and are just willing to lie.

“Why is it that conservatives are convinced that they are in the minority?” Barton asked. “In reality, we’re not, but we think we are … According to statistics, when you look at the groups of liberals, and moderates and conservatives, conservatives are by far the most silent of those three groups. They’re least likely to speak up, and why is that? It’s because conservatives don’t want to speak until they feel like they’ve mastered the facts about whatever the subject is that is under discussion. Now, liberals or moderates, they’re happy to give you their opinion and tell you what they think, regardless of whether they know the facts. But conservatives don’t like doing that, they want to know the facts before they answer what are often wild and baseless claims made by liberals and moderates.”

If you were able to even prior to this, I’m sure you can’t now. David Barton, a man who makes a living (a damned good one, I’m sure) as a professional liar, a man who is as immune to facts as any human being in the history of the world, is accusing someone else of making baseless claims. Hey David, tell us again how you were on those ORU basketball teams that set scoring records when there is no record of you having anything remotely to do with the team. Please “master the facts” of that ridiculous lie, then you can start on all the other lies you tell on a daily basis. Jesus H. Christ on a cracker.

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