A ‘Naturopath’ Tortures Her Children

A ‘Naturopath’ Tortures Her Children November 5, 2015

Dave Gorski recounts the details of an absolutely horrifying thing that happened right here in my hometown of Grand Rapids. A “Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor” (read: licensed practitioner of throwing salt over my shoulder) named Heather Dexter refused to take her three children in for treatment for pertussis, after also refusing to have them vaccinated to prevent them from getting it in the first place. The torment her children went through, in her own words:

My 3 year old son, Lucien, began coughing. Yes…it happened to be the same exact cough that Madilyn had started with nearly three weeks ago. At this point, Madilyn’s cough was beginning to scare me. She would wake in the middle of the night, multiple times a night, coughing so hard that she would puke over the side of her loft bed. Her normally rosy cheeks would drain pale until she was able to gasp for air. It was at this point that I realized this was no ORDINARY cold. I was in need of a second opinion… some non-parental help…

During the night, Lucien would cough until he barfed up mucus, proceeded by crying and screaming fits. He was genuinely terrified each and every time he woke from sleep without breath. At this point in time my husband, and I were now waking every 30-90 minutes through the night to clean up after or console one of two coughing, puking, screaming children. Let’s be honest, most of this time period I simply fell asleep cuddling them in their beds, waiting for the next coughing fit. This on top of a co-sleeping, nursling who expected me to be near her at all times. She often woke up to the sounds of her siblings coughing, puking, screaming, and crying that was happening every night…continuously. And we knew it was just a matter of time before Millie developed this same “thing.” One thing was certain, the situation was going to get worse…

Madilyn had been coughing for 60+ days. We hadn’t slept longer than 2 hours in months. UGGGGGH. Sleep, it’s for the select few parents who probably drug their kids or lock them in their rooms. That is not us. We read and cuddle to sleep every night. OH, how I just wanted to sleep for six hours straight for just one night, it would have been miraculous. The term “walking dead” described the new me. It was during this time, the first week in December that my husband sat me down, looked me in the eyes and said, “I trust you, but I am scared that one of our kids is going to die. You know it is just a matter of time before Millie develops whatever it is that Madilyn and Lucien have. It’s going to be bad, Heather. I think we need to go to the hospital. What are you thinking?”

But she still refused to get them real medical help. Instead, she called a bunch of other quacks, who told her to stand firm.

It took a good 120-150 days from the start of the coughing for each of them to eliminate the bronchial damage and lung weakness caused by the bacterial infection, Pertussis. We spent hundreds of dollars on natural health products and consultations with various Naturopathic Professionals. It was a living HELL. Every day. It had an intense effect on my marriage and relationship with my husband. It caused me to question everything I knew about Natural Health.

She let her children suffer like this, continually coughing and throwing up, for 4-5 months. This is neglect. This is abuse. And all because of this level of utter irrationality, again in her own words:

I just want you to ask yourself… How did people make it through for thousands of years? How did they get through the Spanish Influenza, the Black Plague, fevers and other ailments?

People, your ancestors have used natural remedies since the dawn of time to heal all things. Pharmaceutical creations have only been around for about 150 years. Most prescriptions have spent somewhere around 10 years from start to finish, including testing phases, before being allowed on the market to be used in experimentation on your family. We have no idea what the long term effects are going to be for all of these quick fix medications on our kids.

How did people make it through the Spanish Influenza and the Black Plague? They didn’t, you fucking moron. Tens of millions of people died from diseases that today are entirely treatable and mostly preventable, along with dozens of other fatal and debilitating conditions. They didn’t develop “true immunity” to those diseases, they fucking died. And your children could have died too, pertussis can kill, especially young children.

Those children should be removed from her care immediately and permanently.

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