Wingnut: Planned Parenthood Teaches Teens Bestiality!

Wingnut: Planned Parenthood Teaches Teens Bestiality! November 5, 2015
Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner turned anti-choice activist, is a hero on Planet Wingnuttia. They love anyone who switches sides on abortion. Well, switches to their side on abortion. But Everett suffers from the problem that most wingnuts do, a complete detachment from reality. Which explains why she bizarrely told Alan Colmes that Planned Parenthood is teaching teens to have sex with animals.

In a conversation with Fox News host Alan Colmes, anti-abortion activist Carol Everett said that Planned Parenthood’s website for teens encourages them to experiment sexually with animals.

“If you look on the Teen Wire or some of the other sites that Planned Parenthood has, it’s very interesting to see how they’re encouraging children, young people to experiment with all sorts of, actually, bestiality, even,” Everett said.

“Wait a minute,” said Colmes. “Planned Parenthood is promoting bestiality?”

“Look online at the Planned Parenthood website for teenagers,” Everett said. “There it is in black and white and color, not what I’m saying, there it is.”

Colmes asked if Everett could supply the exact web address so he could see for himself.

“Well, it’s online,” she pressed, saying that she will have to give Colmes the exact URL later.

“And Planned Parenthood is behind this?” Colmes asked.

“All sorts of abortion providers are behind it. Planned Parenthood and others,” said Everett. “I am saying that they have a website that actually encourages sex with animals.”

There is, of course, nothing on any Planned Parenthood site that even remotely supports this lie. When asked to produce evidence of this, Everett sent a quote from a doctor 35 years ago who had no connection to Planned Parenthood at all saying that many farm boys had their first sexual experience with an animal. That’s it. Lies, lies, lies. What else do they have?

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