Shoebat: Gays Would Be Murderers and Cannibals If They Could

Shoebat: Gays Would Be Murderers and Cannibals If They Could November 7, 2015

TheodoreShoebat2Theodore Shoebat continues his bigoted and dehumanizing videos about gay people, literally accusing them of being the most horrifying people on earth. In his latest screed, he says that gay people really want to be murderers and cannibals and the only thing keeping them from doing that is that it’s against the law. Funny, Ted, but the only one here who has advocated murder — “slaughter,” in fact — is you.

“Homosexuality and violence are interconnected. Homosexuality and rape are interconnected,” he said. “Cannibalism and homosexuality and rape are all interconnected. Now, are all sodomites committing cannibalism? No, but they want to. If it wasn’t for the law against cannibalism and murder and all that, the fags would be doing it all the time. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind about all this.”

I got into a discussion with someone on Facebook about this when they posted a video of Walid Shoebat and they said they didn’t know whether the father agrees with the son on this. But this is Walid Shoebat’s webpage, which bears his name. Theodore has been posting these videos and posts about wanting to slaughter gay people and non-Christians for a long time now. Seems to me that if his father disagreed with them, he would have said something, or made him stop, or at least post them somewhere else. How ironic that they rant and rave so much about the evils of Sharia law when they preach the exact same thing they claim to be against.

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